Angélique Schmeinck

Schmeinck, Angélique




As one of the only two Dutch female master chefs, Angélique Schmeinck has been involved in all aspects of taste for years.

For years on end, she has been cooking at star level. In addition to this, she is the author of cookery books, responsible among other publications for 'Swinging in the Kitchen' and 'A Mouthful of Art', which was awarded as Most Innovative Cook Book in the World by Gourmand World Cook Book Awards.

She is also known for her surprising television cooking items. She conducted a range of special workshops and presentations, such as 'Culinary Jam Sessions', 'Taste Intermezzos', and 'The Theatre of Taste'.

Fond of adventure and thought-provoking projects, Angélique has realised the spectacular concept of CuliAir®, in which she employs a hot-air balloon as a fan oven for preparing meals. A high-level culinary experience, quite literally.

During her education at the Centre for Creative Thinking (COCD), she has made scientific investigations into innovative thinking on culinary subjects.

With her enterprise Taste to Taste, she presently continues to inspire the professional food industry and world of business to business in matters of taste, innovation, and experiencing.

Ever since she was young, she has had a strong passion for the arts and theatre. Using her experience and educational background, she has grown into a source of inspiration to business enterprises. Angélique regularly travels to the four corners of the earth, in search of new ideas and inspiration to constantly renew her sessions into sparkling events.

And of course it does not end here... Angélique aims to surprise both herself and the people around her.